Project idea…myMediaServer

Saturday, February 7, 2004 1:09 PM

Microsoft has theirs, TiVo exposes what you’ve got, iRiver has one, then there’s MythTV… just about everyone has made a media server like product. Well… I’m just not satisfied with what’s out there. I don’t want something that plays live TV, records TV, or plays movies. I want something that will create a nice index (err… database) of all my MP3s, photos, documents, RSS feeds, movies (short MPEGs, but potentially longer once I break down and get a video recorder)… you name it. So… that’s the stuff I want to catalog.

Fundamentally, I see a single database (something like SQL2000/MSDE/mySQL… maybe implemented via a DB provider interface & enlist others to implement non SQL2000/MSDE databases) storing this index, a Windows service monitoring the file system for additions and updates, a client (web/windows?) used for monitoring & administration of the server, open web services for external links and a external API to access the database. It would be free (open source), require a Windows 2000+/XP OS, and implemented using the Microsoft .NET Framework. I’m also thinking of some apps that connect to it: a music player/recorder, a viewer (for photos & videos), a TiVo beacon (for TiVo HMO), web interface for public viewing… and a few others I just haven’t been able to wrap words around.

So… where now? First I have to finish my current project I’m working on, the Family Portal. But, just like any developer, you’re always thinking about other projects. Here’s what else I need to hash out:

  • Solidify what media types should be covered
  • Compose scope of entire project including server engine, database, clients, and API/web services
  • Schedule releases & inclusion of which features should be in each release
  • Establish project home (GotDotNet or SourceForge) & website to promote & communicate status
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