REMINDER: November 2008 Meeting: Creating and Debugging Custom Timer Jobs in Windows SharePoint Services

Wednesday, November 19, 2008 1:55 PM

The Jacksonville Office Geeks is a user group / special interest group that covers developer topics surrounding the 2007 Microsoft Office System, based in Jacksonville, FL.

November 2008 Meeting: Creating & Debugging Custom Timer Jobs in Windows SharePoint ServicesSharePoint introduced the concept of timer jobs, or scheduled services, that run within the SharePoint platform in WSS v3. These timer jobs are used by SharePoint for numerous things such as cleaning up old sites (aka: dead Web cleanup), sending user created alerts and disk quota warning notifications. Developers can also create their own timer jobs that run on a configurable schedule and within the specified scope. Come learn how you can create custom timer jobs as well as the various deployment/installation options. You’ll also see how to create a compelling administration interface for managing the timer job and configuration data the job needs in order to function.

Here’s the important stuff:

Hope to see you at the next two meetings!

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