RSSBandit is about to be my blog/NNTP reader…

Tuesday, August 10, 2004 5:42 PM

I’ve blogged a few times (um, here, here, um… oh and here) about the need for a RSS & NNTP consolodated app.

RSSBandit started as an open source RSS reader. It now supports synchronization between PCs… a BIG minus I have on NewsGator (that I already paid $20 for and they want more to have sync). Not only that, but the RSSBandit team released a roadmap recently on their future plans.

The new version, currently codenamed Wolverine, is slated for first beta release in late summer 2004. They have numerous new features they plan to put in… I encourage you to check it out (link below). Here are my favorite soon to be features:

   * NNTP Support: Finally I can read RSS and NNTP in one app.    * Advanced synchronization: A big strike I have on NewsGator.    * Closer Integration with IE: I hate that I have to go into one of my blog entries just to get to the actual blogger’s site.    * WYSIWYG Blog Editor: Sure would be cool if this makes it in so I could do ALL RSS and NTTP from one application.

» RssBandit roadmap

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