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Thursday, March 2, 2006 6:47 PM
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    I’ve been quite slammed recently with work and thus, the lack of blogging. I also opened my aggregator for the first time tonight in a few days… arg… going to take some time to catch up. There are a few things I’d like to get out on my blog to show I haven’t keeled over…

    Four Things MemeIn my quick scan of my favorite blogs is this thing floating around called the Four Things meme. Looks interesting… wonder how you can tell if you have been “tagged” by someone? I searched on MSN and Technorati. I’d like to get tagged by someone, primarily because there are a few people I’d like to tag to see their responses. Here’s one tag recip, James Avery, Four Things Meme.

    Telcons Want to Charge For Your UsageNBC Nighly News did a story on this tonight, but it's not new news. First you heard some telcons talking about charging online companies for users visiting their sites and thus, consuming their bandwidth. Google was one site mentioned, Yahoo another. Now they are changing their tune saying the consumer has to pay up.

    Let me get this straight… you want to charge me a monthly fee, and then you want to charge on top of that a fee for me to use the service I’m paying a monthly fee for? What does that sound like… uh… yet another tax? This is crap… pure greedy crap. Some bozo Adam Thierer with the Progress and Freedom Foundation said in the NBC piece “I don’t think it’s corporate greed. This is the beginning of a new business model for the Internet.” Yeah, and just wait for the customer backlash. I know, How is this different from my cell phone bill? Well, the evolution of the cell phone billing went from being very anti-customer friendly to being much more friendly. This money grab by the telcons trying to re-coop their costs is just crap.

    Stand up and start saying something about this. The online community needs to stand up and fight this. The best way to do it is for our side to start talking with a clear and targeted message. Maybe some creative type will come up with a cool logo or badge we can throw on our blogs?

    For now, I’ll give you my stand. If you start nickle & diming me for every site I hit, I’ll give you the best feedback I can. I’ll take my business elsewhere… “hey Bellsouth (my DSL provider), last I checked Comcast offers cable service in my area!”. I call it my virtual finger to Bellsouth.

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