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Wednesday, May 17, 2006 3:33 PM

Over the last month or two, I’ve been under a rock with work or had problems with my blog that I’ve been unable to post. During this time there were things I wanted to post but never had the time or the ability to post them… this post will serve as my catchall of things worth noting… ok… they are things that were big news to me…


  • Visual Studio 2005 Web Application Project v1 Released (via ScottGu): Basically this VS2005 add-on gives you the ability to have web projects  that don’t use the VS2005 models but rather the VS2003 model where everything is compiled into a single DLL. Then again, I tend not to use web projects… hate how VS has that tight coupling with IIS. I rather elect to go the way of creating a class library project and just modifying the class VS project templates so I can still add ASPX/ASCX/ASAX/web.config and other ASP.NET files to a class library. Fritz Onion explains how to to do ASP.NET apps without web projects.
  • MSBee v1 Released (via Geek Runs Through My Veins): MSBee (MSBuild Everett Edition) allows you to build CLR v1.1 projects in VS2005. It’s an add in that overrides certain methods in MSBuild and uses targets files to tell MSBuild to use the CLR 1.1 compilers to build projects. Ah… no more having to keep VS2003 on my laptop… I can live completely in my VS2005 bliss.
  • CodeRush vNext is going to be HUGE… ala Dynamic Templates (via Mark Miller): It’s been a long time since v1.1.46 had been updated, so you had to know something was coming. Well, this is it! I can’t wait to get my dynamic templates!!!

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