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Recapping my sessions from the European SharePoint Best Practices 2011 Conference

Just wrapped up last session at the European SharePoint Best Practices 2011 conference in London. As promised, I’ve uploaded both slide decks & code samples for you to download an enjoy. My sessions were as follows:

  • Incorporating Managed Metadata in Custom Solutions in SharePoint 2010The Managed Metadata Service application in SharePoint 2010 allows users to create and utilize taxonomies in various ways. Microsoft has included a robust taxonomy API in SharePoint 2010 that can be leveraged in custom solutions. In this session we’ll explore how you can import taxonomies programmatically and create custom solutions that leverage taxonomies in various ways.
  • SharePoint Ribbon Customization Deep DiveSharePoint 2010 introduced a new paradigm in the user experience: the ribbon. This user friendly control contains all the controls and tools available to users when interacting with SharePoint to get their job done. Developers can customize and extend the ribbon for custom solutions. In this session we’ll examine the different components of the ribbon as well as how to create page components, asynchronous callbacks and prompt the user with intuitive dialogs.

The download is available from the Critical Path Training site’s Members section. To access this section you’ll need to be logged into the site. If you don’t have an account, feel free to create one… they are free! Once in, go the the Presentations section and it’s listed as AC’s European SharePoint Best Practices Session.

One additional comment. Immediately after the ribbon session Ben Robb & Chris O’Brien let me in another little trick: use IE’s InPrivate Browsing feature so IE won’t cache any files, saving you the step of having to keep purging the cache. I guess that’s the other legitimate use of InPrivate Browsing ;)

Andrew Connell
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