Recent Major Site Issues

Thursday, April 27, 2006 12:47 PM
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You may or may not have noticed my site ( has been experiencing some major issues. For some reason the last few days my site has become a runaway process constantly consuming more and more memory in the AppPool it lives in. This has caused my host to shut my site off to protect other sites on the same server (shared hosting environment). Unfortunately it's hitting at a bad time as I'm fully committed to a project.

I'm back up, but no telling if the issues will come back to hit me. My RSS feed is always available thanks to my Feedburner subscription: Hopefully that's the URL you're using to subscribe to my blog. If so, even if my site goes down again, my feed will stay alive, even if I have to redirect it for a few days to get things back up and running.

Within the next week or two I'll be updating my site to SubText… not as simple of a process because I'm merging my two blogs (my site and my son's website) into one database. First goal will be to get the DB's merged, converted to SubText and start using SubText as my blog engine. Hopefully I can reskin the sites quickly to get everything back the way it should be ASAP.

Thanks for your patience during this transition & sorry for the inconvenience.

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