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Tuesday, March 1, 2005 2:24 AM

If you’re just a syndicator, you won’t have noticed the changes to my site. Over the weekend, I updated my site to include some modificatinos I’ve made to the .Text v0.95 source as well as incorporate a new skin. Here are the changes I’ve made:

  • Fixed bugs in the admin preferences page so I can not see 200+ items in each list in the admin screen.
  • Added Google AdSense to the footer of all pages.
  • Added NewsGator rating system in the detail view of posts and articles.
  • Added script to include the latest photo from my MoBlog .
  • Modfied (quite extensively) the galleries feature of .Text. I renamed it to albums, added additional fields (location, timeframe, album type), created a whole new client-side (non-admin) album browser, and added the ability to upload a ZIP of images in the admin screens which are automatically unzipped and added to the album (no more one-by-one uploads and no FTP needed like nGallery requires!). The new album pages are linked from the top-menu navigation. This by far was my biggest change to the site… very pleased with it too.
  • Added a LinkType to the links feature OOTB in .Text v0.95. Now links can be flagged as a “resource”, “article”, or “blog” to name a few. I also added a whole new client-side (non-admin) link page and removed the links from the left panel. The new link pages are linked from the top-menu navigation. The old way I was doing link pages (manually updating a HTML table in article pages), has now been replaced with redirects. This is the other thing I consider a big change to the site.
  • Added a blogroll page (linked from top navigation) that displays a realtime list of every blog/feed I subscribe to thanks to NewsGator’s feed publishing script.

And I’m still not finished!!! I’d like to add a search feature as well; looking at Dave Burke’s posts where he used the Lucene open source project that .Text v0.96 was going to use as well as some other enhancements I’ve outlined previously.

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