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Friday, September 17, 2004 8:59 AM
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Got a digicam? What's the most frustrating part of digital pictures? Organization I say! The obvious, organize by date. So I have a pretty easy folder structure setup where I have folders of years, and then all the images inside subfolders that coorespond to when they were taken (see image). However, the images are all still named the DC0001, etc. How do you find your pictures? Well, you could rename all of them (my first .NET project was something that helped with this), but typing in a name for each picture is such a PITA. Who wants to come home from a 3 day vacation and rename 100+ images? Not me! I already have to check my email & deal with laundry. You could also get a photo management application that helps you tag the images, which helps, but they still don't have names. So now what?

Well Jamie Grant of Channel 9 has come up with a killer use for voice recognition. What if we fired up an app, it showed us thumbnails of the images, and as well clicked on them (or fired off a slideshow type process), we spoke the name of the picture and clicked ok? He provided a mockup screenshot... as well. Something to keep an eye on (and yes, giving me more ideas).

» Channel 9: Idea: Voice Recognition for Photo Organizing

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