Request for SharePoint Roadmap

Monday, September 27, 2004 6:08 AM

Patrick Tisseghem is preaching to the choir… I too would love to see a roadmap for SPS and MCMS

There is an interesting post from Kris Syverstad who is going to give a presentation to the SPS and CMS team. The outline of the presentation certainly looks very interesting and I hope he will give us some feedback later on. I would like to add also the problem of multilingual portals which is maybe not of a lot of concern over there in Redmond, but here in Europe people are really struggling to get their portals up and running in multiple languages.

I also hope that Microsoft finally decides to publish a clear roadmap for the next two years regarding SharePoint and CMS. I see a lot of companies diving into SharePoint customization and extending these days and yes, there is a lot of money involved here. Many of these companies have no idea what MS has as plans for SharePoint in the coming years and have a lot of questions regarding their current investments. Without a clear vision from MS, we risk of disappointing these companies and moving them away from these awesome products.

[Via Patrick Tisseghem’s Weblog]

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