Roadmap (or lack there of) of my Visual Studio DX CodeRush/Refactor SharePoint Extensions

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 6:58 AM

Over the last few months I’ve fielded quite a few questions in person at conferences, via email or via Twitter from folks who were interested in what my plans were for my DevExpress CodeRush & Refactor extensions I wrote for Visual Studio 2008 for SharePoint developers.

If you aren’t familiar with what I’m talking about, back in 2007 I created a few extensions for those customers who had bought a copy of DevExpress' CodeRush & Refactor Pro! products. These were aimed to make SharePoint development a bit easier. One was a suite of plugins and templates (which was dependent on a licensed and installed copy of CodeRush), the other was a tool window that only required the free DXCore Visual Studio AddIn.

After working with new SharePoint tools in Visual Studio 2010 for the last year+, I’ve come to the conclusion that my tools are no longer really necessary. The stuff Microsoft gives us OOTB are so robust and extensible using MEF, it’s better to extend them that way than to base off a commercial product. Therefore I’ve decided to not upgrade or port my extensions to Visual Studio 2010.

I still love CodeRush & Refactor Pro… I just don’t plan to upgrade my my tools for the latest release of SharePoint or Visual Studio. I do have some ideas around how to extend Visual Studio for various things… I’ll post those here on my blog.

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