SharePoint 2010, ALM and Continuous Integration Resources

Wednesday, December 21, 2011 12:44 AM

When teaching SharePoint 2010 developer classes I typically get at least one question every other class as it relates to ALM. On occasion there is at least one student who is used to doing continuous integration (CI) in their non-SharePoint projects and want to know how to it in SharePoint 2010 projects.

For me, the best person you can look to is Chris O’Brien. Chris has done a ton of work around this and has presented on the subject at a few conferences. He’s now working on a blog series (in conjunction with Microsoft folks like Kirk Evans & Mike Morton) that walks though setting up a SharePoint 2010 project for CI. The series is being posted on Chris’ blog as well as SharePoint Developer Team Blog.

Its best to start with the introduction “why” posts here:

» Chris O’Brien: SharePoint 2010 Continuous Integration - Part 1: Benefits» SharePoint Dev Team Blog: Continuous Integration for SharePoint 2010 (Mike Morton)

Both of those point to the other posts in this series. There are a few other posts on Chris’ blog I’d recommend you check out as well.

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