SharePoint 2010 Ribbon Customization Deep Dive

Saturday, April 16, 2011 5:41 PM
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This past week I did a session in London on customizing the SharePoint 2010 ribbon. It was a pretty deep session where I dug into a lot of the intricacies of modifying the ribbon with contextual tab groups, custom groups, opening dialogs, async callbacks command UI handlers and page components. I got a lot of requests over twitter and email from people who missed the talk either because they went to another session or were not at the show. Good news… I'm doing it again!

This coming Thursday (April 21) I'm doing another webinar for the Critical Path Training free webinar series where I'll basically redo the session so make sure you sign up!

» Critical Path Training Webinar: SharePoint 2010 Ribbon Customization Deep Dive

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