SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1 Now Available-What’s New?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 1:37 PM

The SharePoint team announced on their blog today that SP1 for SharePoint 2010 is now available for download. Aside from the typical security rollups, there were a few things that were added in this release such as:

  • Added Support for Google Chrome
  • Shallow Copy - Related to RBS, this is a migration technique where structured data within a site collection is moved across content DBs while the unstructured data remains untouched in the configured BLOB store. Assuming both the source & destination content DBs have the same RBS store, the BLOB data isn’t moved, just the ownership is updated.
  • Site Recycle Bin - Yup… recycle bin for deleted site s& site collections.
  • StorMan.aspx is back! - Gives site collection admins a view into what is in their site collections to assist in dealing with storage quotas.
  • Cascading PerformancePoint Services Filters - Filter values can pass from one filter to another.

You can see additional information about SP1 by downloading a white paper or by going to the TechNet Updates for SharePoint 2010 Products page.

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