SPSReport: If you’ve ever opened a SharePoint PSS case, you’ve likely run this

Tuesday, July 26, 2005 7:25 PM

[via Patrick Tisseghem ]

SPSReport, which is very similar to PSS MPSReports for other products/technologies, collects a ton of information from the SharePoint Portal Server machine on which it is run;  that information includes:  event logs, metabase/IIS settings, hotfix lists, MD5 sums of relevant directories, important registry entries, etc., etc., etc.  The download contains a readme file that contains all of the various information that it collects.

SPSReport can be used on SharePoint Portal Server 2001, SharePoint Portal Server 2003, and Windows SharePoint Services, and will gather a slightly different set of information depending on the version.

The tool can take quite a while to run, depending on the configuration of the machine, so it should not be taken lightly.  That said, if you can afford the time (the readme suggests “anywhere from a couple of minutes to over an hour”) and the performance hit to the machine (again, this will depend on the configuration of the machine) this is a great way to get a whole lot of information stored off into a CAB file for review at a later time.

» SPSReport: A Utility to Gather Information for Use in Troubleshooting

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