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Sarasota UG and Jacksonville Office Geeks this week

I’ll be presenting at the Sarasota, FL user group this week on Building & Incorporating Custom Applications on the SharePoint Platform (Tuesday, February 19th, more info here ) as well as the Jacksonville Office Geeks Office development SIG on Thursday night, February 21st. The JOG session is the same one I delivered at the ODC 2008 conference last week and is currently rated the #1 session from attendee evaluations!

Here are the details on the JOG talk:

Jacksonville Office Geeks

Our next meeting is on Thursday, February 21, 2008. Here’s the session title & abstract to help you get a better idea of what we’ll be discussing:

Building High Performance Solutions on MOSS 2007Performance should be one of the top areas of focus on everyone’s mind when embarking on a Internet facing MOSS 2007 site. In this session we’ll look at the built-in caching capabilities added to the latest release of the SharePoint platform, including disk-based and page output caching. In addition we’ll take a look at various hot-button issues developers should be aware of when developing components for a public site built on MOSS 2007. Topics include object model techniques, how to properly manage memory to avoid the dreaded OutOfMemory exception, key sizing numbers to keep in mind when architecting your implementation and minimizing the page payload to speed up those page load times. After this session, you’ll be armed with the power to create high performance and scalable solutions in MOSS 2007.

Speaker: Andrew Connell, MVP Office SharePoint Server

Here’s the important stuff:

* Jacksonville Office Geeks is also known as the JAXDUG Office Developer SIG.

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