Script to Help with SharePoint 2013 Workflow Debugging

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 7:30 PM

A few weeks back I blogged how to setup your SharePoint 2013 box to debug workflows and then showed how using that technique it really helped with an issue I was having. One aspect of doing this workflow is you have to fire up Fiddler, then recycle the workflow & SharePoint services so when they come back up, traffic goes through Fiddler. The trick is when you close Fiddler, you need should recycle those services so they aren’t stuck passing through some non existent process (Fiddler).

This kept screwing me up so I wrote a little script that does the following:

  • Fire off Fiddler
  • Restart workflow & SharePoint services
  • Wait until Fiddler gets shut down
  • When Fiddler closes…
  • Restart the workflow & SharePoint services

I added this new script DoWorkflowDebugging.ps1 to the Critical Path Training’s SharePoint 2013 Script Library. This is located in the Critical Path Training Members section of our site, specifically in the Code Samples section. A login is required, but it’s free to set one up.

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