Settling down on a RSS aggregator…

Thursday, December 9, 2004 3:28 AM
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So I think I've settled down on an RSS aggregator for a while… this has been one heck of an adventure as I've blogged about it before here, here, and … um… oh yeahhere too. Previously I was using JetBrains Omea Reader… but yesterday I switched back to NewsGator.

I installed it on my work laptop and my personal home desktop, then configured the free online services to keep the two in sync. Why did I go back? I mainly use RSS feeds for work stuff… code samples, news, etc. When you have your feeds in an Outlook PST file and have Lookout installed (free Outlook Add-In from MS), you can search everything. Plus the search folders & favorite folders in Outlook 2003 make it real easy to show it different ways to read all your posts. What I've done is create an “unread posts” search folder and sort it by folder (each feed is in a folder). This way I can easily read my unread posts in one view (and more importantly, mark them all as read when I'm done with it)! Also, I love the ability to color-code flag in Outlook 2003 (using search folders again) to make it easy to flag things as code samples, things to catch up on later, etc. Very slick.

» Update 12/14: It's now been 5 days since I went back to NewsGator and I'm now VERY pleased with it.  My biggest complaints/feature requests are the biggest ones that have been requested in the NewsGator forums and the dev team has stated they are high priorities for the next version (Online sync needs to sync read state, folder organization, etc).  I'm interested to see a roadmap, but no such luck yet.  I wish the NNTP support was a little more robust.

Anyone using a NNTP reader they would highly recommend?  I need a new one since I (1) got rid of Omea Reader, (2) don't care to make MSDN or Google my primary readers since they are web based (would prefer some sort of a smart client here.

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