SharePoint Query Builder Tool

Monday, March 28, 2005 5:08 PM

Thought I blogged about this before, but when I went into my archives, I couldn’t find the link today!  So here it is:

[via GotDotNet]SharePoint Query Builder Tool: A valuable tool for building and testing queries against Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003. This tool has a Windows interface that lets you connect to a portal and will gather all of a) the properties of crawled documents, b) content indexes and c) source groups. You can then simply point and click to select the items and criteria you want to use for your query, then execute. The search is sent to the SharePoint Query web service and the resultant XML is displayed in an easy to work with interface.

Why mention this to MCMS post category?  When you’re creating that MSSQLFT query to the SharePoint Portal Server Query Service web service, this tool will become your best friend.

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