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SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Content Management Leads the Pack According to Gartner!

Gartner’s latest Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has Microsoft leading the pack ahead of the likes of Alfresco, Xerox, Open Text, ECM, Oracle and IBM! This is huge for Microsoft and the ECM world. I’m very happy to see this as Microsoft is changing the game in the ECM space with SharePoint Server 2010.

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Why? According to Gartner & Forrester, some of the leading analysts, over 60% of all ECM deployments fail. Why? Their take, which makes sense to me, is that people don’t use the ECM deployments because you have to go from working in one place where you collaborate mostly to submitting your content to an ECM deployment. That’s frustrating. What Microsoft did with SharePoint Server 2010 was to bring ECM capabilities right where you do your collaboration & primary content authoring and management. This means you can use ECM capabilities such as holds, record declaration, information management policies, file plans, unique document ID’s and many other things right in line in any type of SharePoint site. You can even leverage them in the more recent content mediums used in enterprises such as blogs and wikis. Of course you can also create dedicated record centers where records are centrally kept.

The big take-away here is that you can do ECM where you are most comfortable… and at a fraction of the cost compared to the other players in the market. Seeing Gartner recognize Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 as both a leader & visionary in the ECM space validates this new approach.

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