SharePoint branding blog series by the SharePoint branding diva

Thursday, September 27, 2007 11:26 AM

[via Heather Solomon]

For those of you who are looking to brand your SharePoint sites as something that doesn’t look like SharePoint (you know… all you MOSS WCM Publishing site developers out there), check out the blog series my good friend, the SharePoint branding diva (aka: Heather Solomon), is posting. These are a great read!

BTW, if you didn’t notice, her blog is referenced all over a recently publishing MSDN article on creating mater pages & page layouts.

» Branding SharePoint - Part 1: Designing your SharePoint Site» Branding SharePoint - Part 2: Creating the Design in SharePoint» Branding SharePoint - Part 3: Changing the look and feel of SharePoint components

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