Since Jensen is talking about it, a little reflection on one funny moment at the MVP Summit…

Thursday, October 6, 2005 7:06 PM

Jensen is staying true to his work and posting something new every day… yesterday he discussed command loops, today it was the minibar (no, not *that* minibar).

The minibar, as he described, can be thought of as a toolbar that pops up when you select some text, but with the most commonly used functions on it and only those.  It’s handy when you don’t know the key command and don’t have to move your mouse all the way to the top of the app to a toolbar (as in Office 2003, aka: O11), and then back down to where you were working.

Anyway… last week @ the MVP Global Summit, one time when Jensen says “minibar”, Angus mumbles something along the lines of “is it expensive as [crap] to open too?” which got a laugh out of Arno, Mads, Joel, Spence, and I, drawing a bit of attention.  Ok, you had to be there…

Oh well… an all good time (and one of those moments I’ll prob chuckle to myself when I start seeing the minibar popup the first few times in RTM.  Then again, if they change the name, the joke dies… sigh… Jensen, keep it minibar!!!

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