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Tuesday, December 12, 2006 5:48 AM
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Last night I took some time to go through my article HOWTO: Configuring a Office SharePoint Server 2007 Publishing Site with Dual Authentication Providers and Anonymous Access to make sure everything still worked for RTM. While I did make a change here and there, everything was basically working for RTM already. I did add additional steps that I like to do now in the Enabling Anonymous Access section (basically adding a new Policy for Web applications granting an admin-level FBA account to the site collection).

In addition to testing the steps in the above mentioned article, I also recompiled and tested my WCM Custom Commands for STSADM.EXE against MOSS RTM… everything built successfully and all unit tests passed so it’s cool with RTM.

I also updated my WCM linkfest with 17 new and updated links! Some of the links are updates from Beta 2 & Beta 2 Tech Refresh to RTM (such as the MOSS 2007 RTM eval download, WSS v3 RTM download, .NET 3.0, & VS extensions for Workflow Foundation), but others are new articles & blog posts worth note… a few deserve special mention:

There’s also an official OPML file maintained by Lawrence Liu containing SharePoint team blogs, individual Microsoft SharePoint bloggers, MVP bloggers, and some feeds on searching for SharePoint: SharePoint Bloggers (OPML)”).

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