Skelta CMS Accelerator (aka Lite, aka Express) … NOW AVAILABLE!

Thursday, September 1, 2005 7:36 AM

Seems the Skelta marketing group was throwing a few names around… but it looks like they’ve settled on the Skelta CMS Accelerator.  This is a free add-on to licensed MCMS 2002 installations, providing extended workflow to MCMS, as announced @ TechEd 2005.

Announcing the worldwide launch of Skelta CMS Accelerator - Express Edition (Free), a completely integrated out-of-the-box workflow solution for Microsoft Content Management Server. The CMS accelerator allows users to build extensive, customizable workflows for document approvals, automatically publish approved content and define separate workflows for multiple channels. It also has advanced features such as 2-way email, SMS and Active Directory support. Skelta CMS Accelerator is built on Skelta’s award-winning workflow framework Skelta Workflow.NET.

Regarless, it’s now available!

» Skelta CMS Accelerator – Workflow Solution for Microsoft Content Management Server