Slick CodeSmith Template Collection

Friday, March 4, 2005 10:20 AM

I’m big into code generation… anything to cut down on my time.  I don’t usually use them for complete files… more for snippets (like ASP.NET Repeater OnDataBound event handlers).  By far, my favorite code gen tool is CodeSmith 2.6.. an absolute must!  You can design your own templates and all CodeSmith does is gen code… not hook into a bunch of other stuff… just shows me the code to copy into a file.  PERFECT!

Check out this SourceForge project: 3-Tiers Application templates for CodeSmith

The link says it all… but the coolest part is it gens stored procedures and entity templates.  Will I use eveyrthing they provide?  No… but what a head start on stuff!  This is HUGE for me!!!

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