Slick new stuff in CodeRush and Refactor! Pro 2.1 (I want it now!!!)

Saturday, December 16, 2006 11:22 AM

[via Mark Miller]

Mark’s latest post outlines two new killer features that are being added to DevExpress CodeRush v2.1, the best Visual Studio 2005 productivity tool IMHO. The first is a replacement for Visual Studio’s Find All References command, the CodeRush References tool window… it’s so much faster than Visual Studio’s and returns significantly richer search results as shown in the following screenshot:

The other killer feature is the Next Reference feature. Now, when your cursor is on a variable/method call, just press the Tab key to navigate between references. You can also use Escape to navigate backwards. All references are underlined in pink (hence the “pink is your new best friend” comments in Mark’s latest posts)… VERY SLICK! Check out this short Flash movie demonstrating it (right-click the image below and choose Play if it stopped… the video may not play in some RSS aggregators, for instance FeedDemon v2.1 isn’t showing it… if you view this post on my blog via a browser, you’ll see it):

So what’s new with Refactor! Pro? Ah… a new refactoring: AddParameter! With the cursor in the parameter declaration of a method definition, you can select the AddParameter refactoring which does the obvious: lets you easily add a new parameter to the method. However, that’s not the cool part. Once you’ve finished adding the parameter, if you press Enter, CodeRush will navigate through all calls to that method in your solution so you can update the method calls to pass in a value for the new method! Holy crap that’s cool!

Check out this video (18 minutes) to see a demo of AddParameter (at the 10:40 mark)… it’s worth checking out, trust me.

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