Sony PSP Rocks!

Monday, December 26, 2005 7:37 PM

Twas two days before Christmas and I was hoping for a PSP under my tree, and after a good trick by my wonderful wife, I’m now the proud owner of a Sony PSP! Until I had one in my hands Christmas morning, I was going off everyone else’s reactions.  The quality of the graphics and the entire system (built-in WiFi, built-in speakers are actually not that bad, and the feel of the unit rocks!) just blew me away… and still do. Aside from the gaming, the ability to play MP3’s is nice, but what really rocks is (1) being able to show my digital pictures and (2) playing some home movies straight from the PSP are awesome features… big hits at my parent’s house where the whole famn damily showed up for Christmas dinner.

Meredith packed in two games (Madden ‘06 & Namco Museum Battle Collection), and thanks to some Best Buy gift cards, a return, and a AMEX gift card I got at the company party, I’m now sitting nice with Socom: US Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo, Burnout Legends, Tokobot, and a 1GB memory card (now if I could only find a good REAL racing game… not arcade-like… thinking along the lines of Project Gotham Racing for the XBOX). After a quick update to the system firmware to v2.6 and linking it up to my home network, I’m good to go! Too bad I have to work this week…

One thing I didn’t realize: how online capable heavy the games are! Seems like every game has some sort of an online/multiplayer capability. Already started a birthday (late February) wish list on Amazon for some additional games (Tiger Woods ‘06, Fifa ‘06, Prince of Persia, etc).  I’d sure like to find a game case where I can tote around just the UMD game disks and not toss them together in some bag risking damage.  The way these cases sit now (like mini-DVD cases), they aren’t very work/laptop bag friendly.

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