Sorry SlickRun, I’m moving on to Start++ in Vista!

Thursday, March 8, 2007 3:57 AM

[via Phil Haack]

My super shortcut utility SlickRun has been one of the most used freeware apps on my laptop the last year. What is it? Basically a command utility you can access from anywhere on your machine. For example, if I hit the keycombo CTRL+SHIFT+S, a little command window appears where ever my mouse is. I can then type in standard command line commands, or create a MagicWord, such as sdkwss3 that launches the WSS v3 SDK CHM… tag on a few “www” to get sdkwss3www and IE7 launches with the MSDN WSS v3 SDK.

For the longest time, it just worked. However, on Vista it goes a little haywire at times.

You Vista converts out there know we now have a very slick improved start menu. I can hit the windows key and type scan, and the program list is filtered to show me everything with “scan” in the program title (fantastic… I never can remember where I installed the utility for my Epson all-in-one).

Anyway, Brandon Paddock has recently released something called Start++ which seems to essentially be the exact same thing as SlickRun, but it’s integrated right into the Vista start menu! Perfect… no extra keystroke to remember… hitting the windows key does it all. VERY cool! Oh… and you can flag your commands to run with elevated privledges… NICE! :)

Now… I just need to create a boatload of startlets :P

» Brandon Paddock: New tool I made for Vista: Start++

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