Sort your Visual Studio item templates

Thursday, March 1, 2007 5:00 AM

Aren’t you just as annoyed as I am when you try to find the right item template when creating a new item in Visual Studio? Why are XML files nested in the middle of the list when they should really come at the end. It’s a damn hunt-and-peck exercise!

Well, enter K. Scott Allen’s sorting utility that he wrote in PowerShell! Very cool stuff… I’ve run this on all my VM’s and it had no problems. Gotta love PowerShell! There’s another utility that does the same thing, just not of the PowerShell flavor, that you can get here.

By the way, my copy of Windows PowerShell In Action by Bruce Payette showed up the other day… this is a KILLER book for getting up to speed with PowerShell… kudos to Bruce!

» OdeToCode: Sorting the Visual Studio “Add New Item” Dialog with PowerShell» FixVsItemSortOrder

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