SourceGear’s Vault source control provider flat out ROCKS

Thursday, October 28, 2004 10:00 AM

SourceGear’s Vault source control provider rocks and addresses my biggest issues with Microsoft’s VSS. You know what VSS provides… here’s where Vault goes above and beyond:

  • All data is stored in MS SQL2000 or MSDE2000 databases.
  • All interaction is done via web services.
  • Full integration with VS.NET (you can switch back and forth between Vault & VSS).
  • Enterprise-level app, free for 1-user implementations (same binaries… just hardcoded to allow one user without a licence).
  • With web services, IIS, MSDE2000, and Vault, you have a full enterprise-level SCC solution at Z E R O cost!

The above reasons are why I wanted it. I was hesitant for months to install because I didn’t want it to make too many changes to my VS.NET… we use VSS at work and I couldn’t screw that up. So I needed a reason to move away from VSS. Got it! I host a server at home (just a not-so-fast file server with SQL and IIS running). I installed the database & server libraries (which also install the web services necessary) on the server. Then I installed the admin tool and the client on my desktop & work laptop. Now, I can work on a personal project (or a mix personal/professional project) at home and check in/out and I can also go to work and pull the project in because everthing is done via web services!!! I love it… I’m stoked…

I couldn’t get rid of VSS completely, we use it at work. VS.NET 2003 doesn’t permit you to switch SCC providers on the fly but Vault addresses this. When I need to use Vault, I open the client, check the “make Vault my default SCC provider” and then open VS.NET… everything in VS.NET works just like it did with VSS! When I need to work in VSS, I just uncheck that box and reopen VS.NET. Back to work mode!

For you CVS people, Vault will work in both VSS and CVS modes so you will be familiar with it. Great job guys @ SourceGear!!!

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