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Friday, July 27, 2007 10:54 AM

Generally I’m not much of a fan of these tag-you’re-it-blogs because they seem so corny, but I did like this one. Sahil tagged me to come up with a list of things I just can’t do without… so here we go. Here’s my list of things I simply wouldn’t want to live without (in no particular order):

  • Laptop: I seriously couldn’t imaging life without a laptop. Today that’s a Dell D820 widescreen with a 4GB RAM and a 2nd modular HDD for VM’s. Love this guy… just wish I had a faster CPU (currently Duo 2Ghz… would love one of those Core 2 Duos… or even a quad core laptop).
  • Email: Nuff said… it shrinks this big world we live in. Still amazes me that I have friends I’ve only seen a few times on all the continents of the world (except Antartica) but we keep in touch via email.
  • Zune: Yes, I’m the one person out there who never liked the iPod wheel / UX… I just never “got it”.
    • As a sub item, my Bose QC3 noise canceling headphones. these are an absolute must on trips and in airports.
  • Windows Mobile Treo + Direct Push: Love having access to my email all the the time when I travel.
  • Membership to Delta’s Crown Room: I’ve only had this for 7 months, but man, I can’t live without it when traveling. We all have layovers… long connections. It is so nice to be able to head into a place away from the airport crowds, be able to pull our your laptop and work on a table, but not have to pack everything up just to head to the washroom for a minute. Oh… and free beer doesn’t suck :). The beer is free… but the internet isn’t… what’s up with that? That’s my only complaint. Oh… did I mention free beer doesn’t suck?
  • Utility apps: I’ll just rip off a few apps I can’t be without on any machine:
    • Notepad++
    • Lutz’s Reflector
    • eWallet (on my phone too)
    • Outlook 2007 (and everything else in the Office 2007 client suite)
    • FeedDemon
    • Mindjet’s MindManager 2007 Pro (mind mapping utility)
    • Virtualization software (MSFT / VMWare)
  • Visual Studio 2005: I can’t believe Sahil left this off!
  • Microsoft Presenter Mouse 8000: Bluetooth mouse that doubles as a presentation mouse advancing slides and a laser pointer. Last mouse you’ll ever buy (until they add a digital clock in it with a timer and vibrating alert). Thanks LL! :)
  • Subversion: My professional life is in source control and for me, this means SubVersion. It’s an open source SCM that works great and using some of the free and not-free plugins, it integrates right into the Windows Explorer shell and Visual Studio 2005. This isn’t just for your code… I use SCM for presentations and writing projects too.
  • CodeRush + Refactor!Pro: These two productivity addons from DevExpress are add-ons to Visual Studio that I simply can’t live without. Head to their site and look at the training vidoes… the stuff just sells itself!

My turn to tag:

July 30, 2007
2:15 PM

Added CodeRush & Refactor! Pro… somehow these two critical things escaped me!

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