Subtext 1.9 "Daedulus" Released!

Thursday, August 31, 2006 3:48 AM
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[via Phil Haack]

Phil announces the release of the blogging engine Subtext v1.9 (my blog is currently using v1.5.2 and I hope to upgrade before the end of he long upcoming weekend)! His announcement post lists the main things included in this release, but there are two things I want to highlight that are huge to me:

  • Now ASP.NET 2.0! - Yes, the entire engine has been ported to ASP.NET 2.0. While this release doesn't take full advantage of the greatness of ASP.NET 2.0, it is a port form the ASP.NET 1.1 implementation to 2.0. Look for a future release (Subtext 2.0) to include a bunch of refactorings such as stripping down the current rendering engine to take advantage of things such as master pages.
  • Comment Moderation - This couldn't come at a better time as it seems the comment spammers seem to be on a tear lately. ReverseDOS is an excellent addition to the OOTB Subtext experience, but moderation is really where it's at. Sure, that's a bit more admin work for you, but it's worth it IMHO.

Some have asked me “are you going to switch your blog over to Windows SharePoint Services v3 now that they have a blog site template?” I have no plans to move off Subtext in the foreseeable future mainly because it's a constantly evolving and improving engine. My guess is that the blog template won't get a ton of attention. Sure, you can improve it with features, but… well Subtext is suiting me nice right now.

There are three things I'm really looking forward to in future releases of Subtext:

  • Complete revamp of the skinning model - Can't wait to start leveraging the goodness of master pages and start adding some more fancy controls to my site to kick it up a notch… BAM!
  • PlugIn model - Subtext 2.0 is planned to introduce a plugin framework. I can't wait for this! Why? Well just like my Windows Live Writer post, if there isn't something you want OOTB, then build it yourself!
  • Revamped admin site - One of the things someone on the SubText team is working on is a revamped admin section. I've expressed interest in creating a one-off admin replacement using some commercial tools. Since the admin site is all about data management (with a splash of authoring put in), rich controls to help you manage the mass of data would be greatly welcomed! The downside is that I'll likely be the only one to work on it considering they are commercial UI tools that developers would have to buy. No fear… I won't charge for it… I'm mainly building it for myself and then I'll just offer one-off admin site as a free download. Very early in the planning stages as I don't want to do anything too one-off really want it to work hand in hand with the under pinnings of the existing admin site.

Lastly, a few links for the Subtext fans out there:

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