Subtext v1.0 is fully baked!

Friday, March 3, 2006 5:27 PM
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Congrats to the entire dev team, SubText v1.0 was wrapped up on March 1. I’ll migrate my blog once things settle down a bit. Right now I’m hosting two copies of my modified .Text for my blog and my son’s blog, with two copies of the tables in one database. What I’d like to do is merge the two into one Subtext database. From the docs, it looks like I can do this… just need to verify and migrate my two skins to the Subtext codebase.

Here’s the official announcement form Phil Haack who’s been the leader of this project:

» Subtext 1.0 Nautilus Edition Released

Note: I won’t take any credit for this… my name is on the dev team as a tester, but unfortunately I never had time to really participate.

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