Tampa Code Camp 2006

Friday, June 30, 2006 2:27 PM

The top notch Florida developer community is holding another Code Camp in Tampa on Saturday July 15th. While this event is free, there are a limited number of sessions that will be available. Last check, there were over 300 registered attendees with less than 50 spots available before it sold out… well, as sold out as a free event can be. While the event is being managed by others, I’ve got to give props to a kick-ass DE (Developer Evangelist) we’ve got in Florida: Joe Healy (aka: devfish)

They’ve already started posting the session agenda (which I’m sure will get some tweaks before the event) and a quick glance yields some top notch speakers and topics! I’m very happy to see a slew of Atlas related sessions, something that was sorely missing from TechEd 2006 in Boston a few weeks back. They’ll also have a bunch of notable SharePoint attendees and speakers like David McNamee, Stacy Draper, John Holliday, and yours truly.

I’m going to present two sessions at the Tampa Code Camp*. Staying true to my past and focus, I’ll speak about Web Content Management in the next release of SharePoint Server 2007 (the successor to MCMS 2002). This will be a very demo heavy presentation with very few slides… my goal is to show you how WCM, something included OOTB with SharePoint Server 2007, is a very compelling platform for hosting content-focused Internet facing sites.

I’m also going to present a non-SharePoint specific session where I’ll talk about virtualization including my best practices and opinions which I’ve blogged about previously as well as demo some tools I’ve found that have made me a much more productive developer. Again, this will be a demo-heavy session. Ever seen DevExpress' CodeRush? Get ready to have your socks knocked off!

I’ve included my abstracts below with the current time slots and room numbers for my talks below:

Don’t be a Tool, Be a Better Developer Through Tools & Virtualization! Room: BSN2304; Time: 11:10a-12:20p As developers we are all looking for tools that help us with our daily jobs. Sometimes these tools perform tasks that we can’t easily do, sometimes they automate steps we currently do by hand, and other times they are simply shortcuts. All in all, the goal is the same: tools should make you more productive and help you slam out more code faster with fewer defects and at a lower level of maintainability. In this talk AC will demo over 20 tools and shortcuts, most of which are free, that he’s found help him be the most efficient and productive developer he can be. He’ll also talk about virtualization. Virtualization provides the ability to rapidly create new virtual machines very easily making situational & isolated development & testing much easier. However, it’s more of a science on how you can best setup and configure your virtual machines to perform as well as management of these massive images. Some types of development essentially require you work in a virtual environment. He’ll discuss best practices and demonstrate how you can create a complete virtual environment in very little time. Further, he’ll show you how you can squeeze the most performance out of your virtual machines.

Creating Internet Scalable Sites Using Web Content Management (WCM) in SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) Room: BSN2201; Time: 4:10p-5:20p Microsoft has discontinued evolving Content Management Server as a stand-alone product and has rolled it’s publishing features into the next version of SharePoint as Web Content Management (WCM). In this session you’ll see what improvements Microsoft has made to make SharePoint 2007 Internet scalable as well as how you can use WCM to host robust template driven content publishing Internet sites. You’ll see how to create new sites, create new templates, and modify templates and master pages quickly to create a consistent branded user interface. In addition, you’ll see how easy it is to create custom navigation, and incorporate smart client authoring as well as the content deployment features in WCM. You’ll walk away knowing SharePoint isn’t all about collaboration, you can use it to create and host your company’s Internet presence!

* The time slots and locations could very well change as we get closer to the code camp… if you’re interested in attending, make sure you review the agenda handed out on the day of Code Camp.

» Official Tampa Code Camp site - http://www.tampacodecamp.com

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