TechED USA 2005 :: Day 4

Thursday, June 9, 2005 10:24 AM

Day 4 involved mostly sessions… not a lot of interaction at cabanas and such. 

Scott Guthrie’s sessions (WEB323 - ASP.NET 2.0: Overview of ASP.NET 2.0 (Part 1) & WEB324 - ASP.NET 2.0: Overview of ASP.NET 2.0 (Part 2)) included just a flat out killer rundown on the best of the breed in ASP.NET 2.0.  He covered everything under the moon.. from themes, master pages, all the new intellisense things, some accessibility enhancements, the provider model, and some nice navigation as well as login features features.

Another ASP.NET session, WEB322 - ASP.NET 2.0: Under the Covers - Exploring Internals, Page Lifecyle and the Compilation Model, dealt primiarly with things like pre-compilation, build extensibility, project file and folder structure, and the page lifecycle.  It was very very good… little hard to beat Scott’s though.

My last session, DEV364 - Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Enabling Better Software through Better Testing, was pathetic.  The same guy who did the Writing Secure Code pre-conf session (Kieth Brown) ran this one.  He started out by saying something along the lines of “I’ll show you some stuff about testing within VS 2005 and then I’ll introduce this company to show all the enhancements they’ve added to the new version of VS.”

Right off t he bat that pissed me off… ISV sales pitches belong on the expo floor, not in the session rooms.  Second, The stuff that Kieth was showing looked TOTALLY unscripted.  And when he hit a test that failed when it was supposed to pass (when it was CLEAR why it was failing), he blamed it on Beta 2.  Great credibility there dude.

At the end of the day I spent some time with Mark from DevExpress working on a plugin idea I had for CodeRush (I’ll post it on my blog when it’s finished).  Mark is very cool… quite proud of his products… and for good reason.  The other DevExpress guys where there like Oliver and Dustin.  We dragged on for quite a while… in fact the Orlando cops had to shut us down and escort me out of the Expo… hehehe!

Night brought the Microsoft Influencer party.  David had an extra bracelet to get in, so we brought Heather along.  We got to talk to Stan Schultes who runs the Tampa, FL User Group, Darrell Norton, Joe Healey, and Ted Pattison.  Unfortunately we didn’t show up until the party was well into it’s second half, but it was still quite fun.

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