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TechEd 2005: I'll Be There!

Got the news from my boss yesterday… I’m approved to go to TechEd 2005 in Orlando, FL! I’m pumped! Never been to TechEd or a big conference like this. The only conferences I’d been to in the past were Sigraph (1999) and Web 2000 (2000). Very much looking forward to this!

It’s far out, but I’d like to focus my attention on the portal track (for MCMS 2002 and SharePoint) as well as the entire .NET 2.0 info… especially C# 2.0 enhancements (I keep seeing & reading about generics, but it just hasn’t clicked yet), Team Foundation Server, updates to VS.NET 2005 (+ C# enhancements), as well as general .NET 2.0 features in ASP.NET and Windows Forms. Try to catch an architecture and/or a security presentation.

If you want to meet up and talk about SharePoint or MCMS, drop me a line! My schedule will be a little more flexible as I’ll be driving (only 2.5 hrs away). I also hope, and plan, to do some live blogging. I need to write a little thin page on my blog admin site for my Treo 650 to post to (I tried yesterday to post and it worked, but I need a page designed for the small screen… OR I need to learn J2ME and write a slick blogging client).

OK Scott , I’m showing my badge for a few months!!!

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