TechEd 2005: My final schedule & moblogging

Tuesday, May 31, 2005 6:54 AM

I just completed my last minute updates to my TechEd 2005 USA schedule.  I’ve double, tripple, and even quadruple booked myself for a few timeslots in an effort to keep a mental note of repeats I’m looking for.  They are listed in order of preference… some are very close calls!!!  I’ve also listed 4 hands on labs I hope to get time to do… I only expect to be able to hit one or two… but I may feel “maxed out” on sessions and just skip one (like Tuesday’s “Advances in Threat Modeling”).

I’ll also be doing some moblogging from my Treo 650 on my new MSN Space moblog (if I could only figure out why the pictures aren’t showing up… oh well… those may be late arrivals).

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