TechEd 2006 BoF: Customizing the SharePoint Interface

Thursday, March 30, 2006 9:16 AM

So many times the customization of the user interface is missed at most conferences and sessions… not so at TechEd! Heather Solomon has submitted a Birds of a Feather session covering this topic. If you’re not familiar with Heather, she’s an expert at customizing the user interface in SharePoint and has a fantastic grasp of the different options (FrontPage, file system, CSS, etc).

Customizing the SharePoint Interface _Looking to dress up your SharePoint installation or apply several different user interfaces to individual sites? Come discuss and explore the many ways to customize SharePoint. Walk away with information, ideas, and answers to the common dilemmas of SharePoint customization - first and foremost of “Where do I start?”._Intended Audience: IT Pro; Developer

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