TechEd Calendar and my first stab at my schedule…

Thursday, April 28, 2005 2:18 AM

The calendar/scheduler is now MUCH faster (not sure why it was slow yesterday).  At any rate, I’ve gone through and taken my first stab at my schedule.  I’m already have conflict issues so my scheule will likely change over the next few weeks once I see when some of the repeat sessions I’m looking for are going to be given.  I guess that will affect my Thursday & Friday schedules the most.

I find it interesting that Monday and Tuesday don’t get started until 10:45a (ok, Monday is probably when people are getting their badges etc). or Friday afternoon (make those fliers take a later flight!).

Update 4/28 9:30a: I’m somewhat disappointed at the lack of MCMS sessions… then again, I could shut up as I could have submitted ideas :-/

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