TechEd North America 2008 Dev - that’s a wrap… on to IT Pro week!

Saturday, June 7, 2008 7:35 PM

Yes sir-ee… one week of TechEd North America 2008 in the books and one to go. This past week was a blast… especially for me. I always love TechEd… the best parts are seeing old and new friends (which I think I’ll pass on naming for fear of leaving someone off) and meeting customers working with SharePoint. I really wish I could have attended a few more sessions than I did, but such is life. Let me recap a few things and look forward to next week…

Pro MOSS 2007 WCM Development Book ReleasedI finally got to see the book I had been working on for the last 12 months. What you might not know is that was that Monday’s book signing was the first time I got a chance to see the book. In fact, WROX hadn’t had a chance to see the final product from the printer either! The give-away shipment was the first one to leave the printer. We knew it would arrive on Monday, just not entirely sure when. So I stopped by the booth early in the day and they said around 3p was when they expected it. Around 2:45p there I was hanging with some friends in the Office TLC area and saw a cart with a bunch of boxes go by. I think “ok, it’s close… I’ll go check it out” and sure enough I saw my name on the boxes. “Cool! I finally get to see my book!” So I walk over to the booth and awaited the first box to be cracked to hold my first copy. Then someone asks “are you signing them?” I look up and there were 70+ people waiting for it… of course I’ll sign it! These people were waiting patiently for it… that’s the last I could do. That’s the scene I blogged about on Tuesday as did Jim, my guy at WROX (Katie is my gal / editor) at WROX. The scene was somewhat repeated on Wednesday & Thursday as blogged by Jim via camera phone (although it was a much more orderly line). I see someone has already taken one of the signed books and stuck it up on Amazon as a used copy for $80!!! Freaking hilarious. I’ll be signing more next week on Thursday & Friday of the IT Pro week… most likely around lunch time.

**My Sessions (OFC02-TLC & OFC307)**I had two sessions this week at TechEd:

The slide decks & available code for both talks are up on my speaking page now. Thanks to everyone who came and filled out evals. I had a lot of fun delivering both talks and it wouldn’t have been nearly as fun without you guys being so interactive and engaging. Hats off to you & a big thanks from me. I hope you learned something valuable!

Looking Forward to TechEd NA 2008 IT ProNext week Microsoft does it again with TechEd IT Pro week Tuesday-Friday. While I have two sessions I’m delivering late in the week, I won’t be around the whole week. After being gone for the dev week and on the road teaching the following week, I just can’t be gone a full week next week (damn, that’s a lot of instances of the word week in one sentence!). One week away is hard on the family, much less three in a row. I will be down for SharePint on Monday night (more on that in a moment) for a short bit and then around all day Thursday & Friday. If you’re looking to link up, best place to find me is at the SharePoint911/Ted Pattison Group booth in the expo (#1125) or in the Office TLC area.

SharePoint by Day, SharePint by NightLast week we did SharePint, our informal gathering of SharePoint professionals at BB King’s club just a bit of a walk down from the convention center. We’ll be doing it again at the same place next Monday night from 7p until whenever. Please feel free to come by and get your drink on, enjoy some great music, and meet fellow folks in the same line of work. Don’t worry about talking shop… you’ll get plenty of that all week. I’m going to drive down (from Jacksonville, about 2.5hrs away) for it but likely head out a bit early to make it home not too too late. But plenty will be there quite late… I know I can count on my guys Bob Fox and Eric Shupps for that. :)

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