TechEd North America 2009 - Session recaps and follow-ups

Tuesday, June 2, 2009 7:54 AM

I’ve been a bit delayed in getting these out… apologies for that. The week following TechEd we packed up and moved houses. That, coupled with having a 8mo pregnant wife and some last minute getting some baby prep out of the way kept as well as a few deliverables for clients delayed me in getting this update out.

I’ve updated my speaking page with links and code downloads for two of my sessions at TechEd (OFC303 and OFC401). The other session OFC405 was the one that Todd Baginski and I presented our Content Monster Web Part (CMWP). We’re still cleaning up the code and documenting the setup process as some stuff (ie: Azure) wasn’t terribly easy to setup. Once that’s ready I’ll follow up with another blog post talking about it.

For now, the slide decks for all sessions and code can be found at the links above.

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