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Sunday, June 10, 2007 6:03 AM

First, thanks to all who came to any of my four sessions this week at TechEd 2007 in Orlando. This week was my first week presenting major sessions (I presented a chalk talk last year). In all sessions I made references to a few URLs and code that people wanted to get access to, so here you go!

On Tuesday I presented a chalk talk at the Office Technical Learning Center (TLC) on Migrating your MCMS 2002 site to MOSS 2007 WCM as well as co-hosting a Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) session on Prescriptive Guidance for Developers Building Publishing Sites in MOSS 2007 with Spencer Harbar.

In the BOF session we talked about why Spencer and I like the approach of using Features to deploy site columns, content types, master pages, page layouts, and other files used in your site. During the talk I mentioned the custom STSADM commands that I created that generate XML files for use in Features for site columns and content types. Here’s a link to the page where you can download the binaries, source and get more information on this little project of mine: AC’s WCM Custom Commands.

On Wednesday I presented OFC431 - Building Advanced Web Parts with ASP.NET 2.0. Seems some people thought it was too technical and too much code. Sorry to those of you… I tried to explain at the beginning of the session it was a very developer heavy & code heavy session… not to mention the “advanced” bit was supposed to imply no beginner Web Parts. At any rate, I understand your pain…thankfully scores and feedback were quite positive. At any rate, I’ve uploaded the code for the solution I created during the session here. I also said I’d give you the information on the technique I use to use MSBuild and MakeCab.exe to automatically generate the WSS solution package (WSP) every time I build the project. You can read my HOWTO article on this subject here: Using Visual Studio, MakeCab.exe and MSBuild to Create WSS v3 Solution Files (*.WSP’s).

Finally, today I presented OFC305 - Building a High Performance .COM Site Using MOSS 2007 where we covered quite a few performance techniques for developers working with the SharePoint object model. I’ve uploaded to code for the solution I created during the session here and you can get the URL for the process I follow to automatically create WSP files in the preceding paragraph. Here a few links to some other blog posts and white papers I mentioned:

If you want the slide decks, head to the speaking page on my blog (or click the link on each session above) to get to the actual event and download the decks.

I only got to attend a handful of sessions this week as usual. By far the most amusing was Dustin Miller’s OFC324 SharePoint Designer session… still ranking in the top 10 for the whole conference. I also really enjoyed Heather Solomon’s OFC316 session on branding SharePoint, Patrick Tisseghem’s OFC330 on the WSS object model, Ted Pattison & Scot Hillier’s OFC409 workflow session as well as Todd Klindt’s OFC312 session on STSADM (he actually showed my April Fool’s joke :)). On the last day I attended Joel Oleson’s OFC207 talk on SharePoint governance. As I sat there, I realized how much the governance content has been missing over the last four years… I strongly encourage you to read up on all the governance content on Joel’s blog he’s been posting recently. All in all, it was a fantastic week filled with lots of fun and seeing old friends.

On Friday, after all the sessions were over, a handful of us headed over to the coast to watch the space shuttle launch at 7:37p. We had a great view positioned on the 528 causeway just east of Merrit Island. The last four pictures below are from about 30-45 minutes after the launch looking north-west in the sky to see the smoke from the launch dissipating… very cool! I also uploaded a 4 minute video of the launch. If you crank up the volume, you’ll hear the delayed sound from the launch around the 1:25-55 mark. First time I’ve seen a launch, and I can’t wait to see another one!

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