Ted Pattison Group in MSDN mag and upcoming MOSS 2007 WCM development classes

Thursday, August 9, 2007 9:14 AM

I still have not become used to seeing my name on someone else’s site, or in conference promotional materials either for that matter. Every day or so I love checking two RSS feeds I have setup: one from Technorati and one from a Google search result looking for my URL. Primarily, I like to see someone talking about a post or article I wrote on my blog in an effort to proactively interact with readers and clarify points or more importantly, get a fresh perspective on something I hadn’t considered.

Then today, for the first time, I see an ad for Ted Pattison Group in the September 2007 issue of MSDN Magazine (pg 18)… and right there in the lower-left corner I see my name as one of the instructors. Sweet! That was a slick little surprise.

Every once in a while I get a post or email through my blog asking about SharePoint training… most of them are asking about either some sort of SharePoint developer training or specifically, development training using MOSS 2007 Web Content Management to build publishing sites. A few months back I posted an announcement about two classes I wrote and now teaching through the Ted Pattison Group for developers. So far, these are the only known MOSS 2007 Web Content Management classes out there for developers. The classes are offered in two formats: (WCM401) 4-days of in-person, hands-on, in a classroom or (WC-WCM401) 5-days of the same class (minus two modules) via Live Meeting… perfect for those who can’t get away from the office.

I’ve got a page on my blog that details the differences between each class as well as all the topics covered and even a few testimonials from some former students. Check it out here: Office SharePoint Server 2007 Web Content Management Developer Training. That page contains links for registration and additional information on the class on the Ted Pattison Group’s site.

After the first few classes I’ve gone through the typical revision process. Last week was perfect… spent a week with the in-laws at the beach, but after everyone was asleep by 10p and I couldn’t sleep, I spent some time updating the class. I’m really happy, and proud, of how it’s turned out (for those who’ve already taken the class… no worries, you’ll get the updates soon :)).

One thing I like to do with my classes that’s a bit unique / different is to spend time with my students after class. Sometimes we head out to dinner, sometimes for drinks, and sometimes we just pull a bunch of laptops out and shoot the breeze about SharePoint or project they are working on. It’s a lot of fun and completely informal.

We’ve got a few classes scheduled over the next two months, two hands-on and one via Live Meeting:

  • WCM401 - Redmond, Washington - August 27-30This 4-day, hands-on class, will take place on Microsoft’s campus in Building 25. Register today!
  • WCM401 - Dallas, Texas - September 17-20This is the 4-day, hands-on class. Register today!
  • WC-WCM401 - Live Meeting - September 24-28Can’t get out of the office? Can’t afford to sit in training all day? This class is for you. Instead of an all-day class we’ll cover two modules a day and offer the labs up as “homework.” No fear though, I stay on the phone & Live Meeting afterwards to help those with specific questions about the labs or project they are currently working on. Oh… and email is VERY free flowing during that week!

You can always get a list of the upcoming classes by checking my blog as I recently added a panel on the right-hand side with upcoming dates. We’ll post some additional dates closing out 2007 and starting 2008 soon.

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