Telling your virtual machine to stop beeping and shut up!

Friday, May 26, 2006 3:05 PM

Today was the day I built my MOSS Beta 2 baseline virtual machines. All I was trying to accomplish today was to have one machine configured with 400MB of memory to act as my new domain controller, DNS, and database (SQL Server 2005 SP1) server. The other is my primary MOSS Server, configured with 1024MB of memory and a complete install of the server products as well as the following 2007 clients: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InfoPath, Outlook, and SharePoint Designer. The only thing really lacking is email support, but I may add Exchange later to the AD box.

At any rate, during the process of all the installs, hotfixes, patches, etc, there were quite a few system beeps. See, I configure all my virtual machines to not have a floppy drive and no sound… so when there’s a system alert/prompt, I get the standard system beep. That gets REAL annoying after the first 2 beeps, and it occurred to me that some people may not be aware that you can disable the system beep using two simple commands.

Open a command prompt and enter the following to stop the system beep:

C:\net stop beep

While this works, the beep will be re-enabled the next time the machine is rebooted. So what you want to do is configure it to never start back up:

C:\sc config beep start= disabled

Be sure to leave a space between the equals (=) sign and the word “disabled”.

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