.Text Modifications (and my photo album mod)

Monday, December 27, 2004 4:13 AM

Via Joel Ross

I use .Text for my blog.. and I’m starting to do a few modifications to it. I just stumbled across a series by Dave Burke who’s got a ton of .Text modifications on his blog. This is VERY cool stuff.

I’m working on adding a photo album to the blog (I don’t like the image gallery… one-image upload at a time is too tedious, and I don’t want my database to get bloated. It’s working now, but it’s not linked on my site. I’m still cleaning it up and will post code and an article on implementing it later (when it’s finished). Why am I doing this? Well, I don’t like (as I said) the image gallery feature on .Text. I’m also not eager to upgrade to Community Server (never liked the nGallery implementation either). This first pass will be just a working album. Later I’ll refine it to be a little more elegant and advanced. I needed a way to provide my wife to upload pictures as I’m planning to use .Text to create a site for our soon to come baby!

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