The Collective vs. the Individual

Monday, July 4, 2005 4:34 PM

[via Bil Simser and Patrick Tisseghem]

Bil started it off, and others are picking up steam.  A while back I complained that SharePoint knowledge seemed to be everywhere.  This was back when it seemed no one was trolling the SharePoint newsgroups… there were WAY more questions asked then answered.  Compared to MCMS (which I know is a smaller community), it was pathetic.  it is just so easy to find information on MCMS… the newsgroup is the best spot thanks to the all knowning (and who must NEVER sleep) Stefan Goßner Gossner.

It’s ironic to me as Angus Logan and I talked numerous times late at night (ok, late at night for me as I’m on the east coast of the USA and Angus is in Australia) about a central place for all MCMS stuff.  Not like Spence’s, but more of a “clearing house.”  This would be a place maintained by the most dialed in MCMS folk.  There would be numerous sections:

  • Index of all MCMS related MSFT knowledgebase articles
  • Index of all MCMS hotfixes and service packs
  • Index of all MCMS known blogs with ratings (rated by the community), feeds, and even live feeds (read the blogs from this site or subscribe directly… even a “oober subscription” that aggregated everyone in the list).
  • Index of all known free & commercial add-ins
  • Index of all known code samples & articles out there (compiled from CodeProject, GDN,, blogs, etc)

That’s just a few.  I’m thinking the same thing would be benifitial for SharePoint as well… seems that’s what Bil is talking about.

What does the MCMS world think… is this something that’s needed?

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