The GotDotNet overhaul is taking shape…

Thursday, September 1, 2005 5:23 AM

In the last few days, Sandy & Korby have disclosed that CodeGallery is now live, and they’ve also eliminated a TON of the old exceptions that used to plague GDN.  I had the chance to meet both of them at TechEd 2005 in Orlando and find out about some of the things they are working on… very very cool.

The question I get first is “what’s the difference between a workspace and coge gallery project?”  CodeGallery (see About CodeGallery) is explained by Korby:

At CodeGallery, you can download an application, its source code, or both. You can evaluate the application, discuss the latest online version with its creator and other users, as well as create bugs that the owner can fold into the next version of their application. CodeGallery is a great place to see how some of the best developers in the world develop software, find useful utilities and take advantage of reusable code.

Korby Parnell

So what’s a workspace?  It includes all the functionality of a CodeGallery project, but adds source control versioning.

I’ll be moving my SourceForge projects that I’m not using any collaboration on to CodeGallery.  So far, I’m quite impressed with the new interface.  you can really see the power of a CodeGallery project by viewing the Enterprise Library project.  Check out all the projects here.

Watch for more very cool stuff to hit GotDotNet.  Microsoft has made a renewed commitment to their community code site and added some fantastic players (Sandy, Korby, and Betsy Aoki… (last name?) does she blog?).  I’m looking forward to getting the chance to spend some time with Korby & his team when I’m in Redmond for the MVP Global Summit later this month.

Sandy’s article (linked below) explains some of the behind the scenes work that’s gone into GDN and CodeGallery.

» Sandy Khaund: The .NET Sweatshop (v2)» Korby Parnell: gotdotnet CodeGallery has left the station

[Updated 9/1 9:40a] - Added Betsy’s last name & blog

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