The cell phone and camera gods are friends and were at TechEd last week

Thursday, June 22, 2006 1:08 PM

Here I sit, waiting for another long running VSS operation so now’s a good time as ever to post this (did I mention I hate VSS with a passion?)…

Upon arriving at TechEd in Boston last Sunday, one of the first guys I ran into was Bil Simser at a MVP event. The first thing I say to him after the typical “long time no see” greeting was “what’s the over/under on losing this camera” as I poked at his shirt pocket. See, Bil has a knack for losing digital cameras. We laughed, and went on about our conversation. Throughout the week, when I saw Bil, I always commented on how amazing the camera was still around.

Oh, the digital camera gods did not like me teasing them…

And the digital camera gods must have been due a favor by the cell phone gods…

So what do the cell phone gods do to repay the favor? None other than help me lose my Treo 650 Friday morning. I know I had it Thursday night at Fenway, I even have proof! But alas, after having the staff search the hotel, backtracking my steps at the convention center, checking lost & found numerous times, and even finding the exact bus I took from the hotel to the convention center and searching it, no cell phone.

Damn cell phone & digital camera gods! Are you happy Bil?

So I took the op to finally make the switch to Windows Mobile: a Sprint PPC-6700. So far I love it! And that whole “one-hands operation” aspect they knock on Windows Mobile isn’t a big deal to me… I’ve had no problem replying to text messages while driving (except getting a very bad look from a Florida Trooper this morning).

PS: » thanks to Dustin for answering a handful of Windows Mobile newbie questions » no more grief for being on the wrong team, ok Healy?

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