The start of a very fun week… my virtual world is shrinking as my physical one is growing…

Monday, September 26, 2005 2:19 PM

Yesterday might have been one of my longer days.  After partying all Saturday afternoon & into the night at my wife’s friends’s wedding in Augusta, Maine, we were up at 6am EST (-0500) for the 2.5/3hr drive to Boston where our flights were departing from (along with another couple).  My flight left at 3p (had to get there earlier for the other’s flights)… my first of three flights (jumping from Boston->Baltimore->Cincinnati->Seattle).  When all was said and done, I landed on time, with my bag (which I was reserved to not seeing until today), around 10:40p PST (which my body was saying “hey, that’s 1:30a EST”).  Finally got to my room and after unpacking, couldn’t get to sleep until 2am local (yes, that’s 5a EST).  So, needless to say, I was a bit worn today.

Finally got to meet Angus Logan in person for the first time, a co-author on my book & fellow MCMS MVP. This was one of the key things I’m looking forward to this week: putting faces with names/blogs… people like Julie Larson-Green (see her recent O12 UI video on Channel9), Todd Bleeker (Todd and I already knew each other, but it was nice meeting up again), Rob Bogue, Lawrence Lui, and a few others who I saw/met up with at a 2 day event for publishers/authors

My hotel freaking rocks, very swank and even has a plasma LG HDTV… EXACTLY what I needed last night with my temporary bout of insomnia and inability to watch many NFL games on my travel day.

No pictures for now, but I plan on posting a few later.

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