The virtual world is shrinking quickly…

Wednesday, September 28, 2005 10:31 AM

Yesterday afternoon/last night was the first little MVP Global Summit event.  There was a little portals dinner with a handful of CMS/WSS/SPS MVPs who were in town before the Summit starts (Wednesday) and some MSFT movers and shakers within the portals group.  As I posted yesterday, one of the coolest things about this week will be to acually meet some of the people who I’ve (as wel as many of you) come to know in the portals circles.  At dinner (hosted by Lawrence Liu) I got to meet SpenceGary Bushery, Arno Nel, Mads Nissen, Daniel Larson, and Renaud Comte not to mention some people from the Microsoft side (including our wonderful lead April) who I unfortunately only got their first names.  Others there, who I’d met previously, were Todd Bleeker, Angus Logan, and Arpan Shah.

Afterwards Angus & I headed over to CodeSlam run by Korby Parnell and the GDN team (Sandy & Betsy) where we got to meet Robert Scoble (Myram was there too) and see many others who were there like Raymon Chen, Ward Cunningham, and James Newkirk just to name a few.  Angus & I had a cool chat with Korby and Steve Butler about the future of GDN.

Here are a few pictures I snapped last night at dinner:

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